As your business grows, your IT support and other IT&T requirements change. You want to work faster, leaner, smarter. You need simplicity, automation & systems that work to support your growing staff and client-base.

CMS IT Australia can take over your entire IT support and infrastructure needs by providing procurement services, helpdesk and remote support; onsite support and troubleshooting, IT asset management, Cloud Infrastructure and support, data cabling, IP PABX; Wide Area Network project services and much more.

Established in 1996 and based in Sydney, CMS IT Australia has the experience and skills to customise an IT support solution that meets your business needs both now and into the future. Most importantly we take the time to understand your business goals. We can take on the entire “IT&T” function allowing you to focus on what you do best. It is all about customised, affordable IT support and infrastructure solutions. Not just installing an off the shelf IT system, but incorporating solutions from the best software, hardware and technology service providers on offer today.

More on It Support

  • Network Support and Maintenance

    When it comes to systems, CMS IT can support, secure and maintain your entire system including implementing WatchGuard Unified Threat Management (UTM).

  • Server Support and Maintenance

    Our engineers can provide you with ways to maximise the productivity of your servers by providing you with the correct set of tools to monitor your servers performance allowing you to prevent costly downtimes.

  • Desktop Support and Maintenance

    When it comes to your desktop support and maintenance needs, the bottom line is simple – CMS IT can give your business the best computing experience possible and make use of technology to best achieve your goals.

There are so many reasons to “take it to the cloud”. Cloud computing isn’t just the latest business catch-cry. It offers very real benefits like mobility, cost-savings, productivity and ease of management. At CMS IT, CMS IT take cloud solutions seriously including all the benefits that they can offer to both small-to-medium enterprises and larger corporates.

When it comes to your storage and hosting needs, the bottom line is simple – CMS IT can make use of cloud technology to best achieve your goals.

CMS IT can provide completely tailored cloud hosting solutions in any of the following.

  • Cloud hosted application solutions providing both in-house and remote users fast and efficient "road warrior" access to legacy applications
  • Cloud hosted server storage providing you with massive amounts of cloud storage space without the hassles of backup and lightning speed accessibility
  • Colocation services providing you with high-availability solutions for your infrastructure
  • Client independent solutions providing sales people with Windows 7 desktops thru their iPads, Android tablets and smart phones

Have you ever wished you could free up your IT department from spending so much time on managing servers, software and desktops? Perhaps you’ve even considered reducing your IT overheads. Virtualization can be the answer allowing you to get more out of existing resources, gain flexibility, reliability and even reduce costs.

CMS IT can implement a tailored solution for your business using either VMWARE and Citrix virtualization platforms.

More on Virtualization

  • Server Virtualization

    Server virtualization allows you to consolidate your servers, freeing up resources, improving flexibility and potentially reducing costs. Its the perfect solution for hosting legacy operating systems, evaluating software, simplifying testing, even improving redundancy.

  • Application Virtualization

    Application virtualisation frees you from your operating system. This means improved mobility, increased reliability and possible cost reduction.

  • Desktop Virtualization

    Free up your IT departments time by dramatically reducing desktop support and resource-intensive software roll-outs with CMS IT’ Australia’s desktop virtualisation.

At the heart of CMS IT Australia’s server monitoring services is the state-of-the-art software that proactively monitors your key network servers and infrastructure to identify issues before they occur. The CMS IT system automatically scans the server operating system and checks the hardware health looking at things such as the RAID array status, routers, switches, firewalls and network appliances to ensure your network receives the maximum possible uptime and optimal performance.

CMS IT Australia has structured this system to provide notifications that are sent to you as well as the CMS IT team via SMS, email and even through an application that runs through your android of Iphone mobile device, providing you with complete knowledge at any given time as well as security knowing that CMS IT Australia is on the job and fixing any issues at hand.

This server monitoring service is automatically offered to all Total Outsourced Solutions customers.

CMS IT Australia can tailor a server monitoring solution to suit yours and your businesses needs

Using the latest WatchGuard XTM network Security Appliances CMS IT can provide you with an end to end managed firewall solution for your organisation. We can take out the headache from you and safeguard your entire network from security breaches and reduce all the possible risk that a would-be attacker can provide.

Our Managed IT Security services can give you peace of mind by implementing the following services

  • Our Managed IT Security services can give you peace of mind by implementing the following services
  • Web traffic content filtering – block and monitor all the traffic and view it in an easy to read report. Highest website usage per user, most commonly visited website and the ability to block any website including Facebook and also provide ‘lunch time’ access to recreational and personal websites including Facebook.
  • Application Control – ever wanted to know what applications your users are using to communicate outside your network? With Application control you can! We can detect and block or allow any specific application that is installed on your computers
  • Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus services for your mail server – with the latest WatchGuard XCS appliance, we can give you a very low cost anti-spam solution bundled with the latest anti virus mail scanning engine.
  • Mobile VPN access with Single Sign on – provide all your remote users with the ease of access of WatchGuard’s SSL VPN which will always guaranteed to work from just about anywhere. Ever had issues with your VPN not being able to connect when you are in a hotel room or overseas, call us now so we can help!
  • Branch Office VPN – using WatchGuard’s BOVPN technology, we can deliver a fully managed VPN service to you with 24 x 7 monitoring and reporting
  • Internet Load Balancing and Line Aggregation – If your business relies heavily on the internet then a fail over link is what you need. A lot of ‘backup’ or fail-over links are just passive connections but with CMS IT’s managed IT Security services, your multiple internet connections work together to improving web traffic performance for your entire business. Call us now how you can have this technology.

Outages, earthquakes, floods, fires, hacks – the treats to businesses are ever-present and seems to be growing. Blame it on global warming, blame it on globalisation. Whatever the reason don’t allow your customers and staff to blame it on you when disaster strikes. Every business, large and small, needs a disaster recovery plan. When it comes to your IT systems, CMS IT can help get you back up and running.

Allow us to tailor a custom disaster recovery plan including optimised backup and recovery solutions.


CMSIT is an amalgamated creation of technology experts and experienced industry evangelists. We represent an impulsive drive to assure top-quality services. We are a pioneer in providing information technology services with an extraordinary edge to our clients across industries.

At CMSIT, we aim to deliver perfect solutions and improved quality in the expected turnaround time. We also understand the significance of digitization for any organisation; therefore we maintain a firm standard code and reliable security for the safety of our clients' data.

Our enthusiastic professional team of technology experts and technical infrastructure provides a competitive edge to accomplish any project. Our solutions are customized according to the client's requirements. Recognised as a people-friendly organisation, we aspire to deliver result-oriented customer centric solutions. Versatility in our services is maintained with quality to gain customer satisfaction and loyalty. Every customer's demand is fulfilled with dedication and determination with maximum value proposition. Our sincere and aggressive learning abilities help us to provide cost effective publishing services with refined quality. Innovative and with a keen eye for detail are the strengths of CMSIT’s strategies to gain partnership with all publishing and data conversion organisations.

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